Sound Off

Sound Off for May 5, 2019

One question

Why can’t Biloxi and Gulfport get a Publix supermarket to the Coast?

No protectors?

I find it perplexing that in today’s world, with all the hype about germs and how bad they are for you and all the ads on TV for products that clean and disinfect, that nine out 10 businesses do not offer toilet seat protectors in bathrooms for women.

Sign issues

The latest “I buy houses” sign going up in Long Beach is a joke. If the proprietor cannot come up with enough money to purchase more than a homemade sign, where is he going to get money to buy your house?

Political agenda

It’s sad that Trump’s only political agenda is to undo Obama’s. Mostly his political agenda is me, me.

A great president

The Mueller report stated that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians. If there was no collusion, there was no obstruction because you cannot have obstruction of justice if no crime was committed. So, get a life Democrats and began to realize that Trump is about 10 times better than Obama and certainly more moral then the Clintons. Trump will go down in history as a great president if the Democrat0controlled House of Representatives will help with the immigration problem. P.S. Why does our Sound Off column look like it belongs in the New York Times?

Different view

Donald Trump most certainly did commit obstruction of justice. All you have to do is read the Mueller report. It is available to download free.

Clean it up

Every now and then the grass is cut at the Biloxi Cemetery and the grass clippings end up sitting on top of tombstones and those plots with stone coverings. The grass will sit there until the next cutting. Whoever is responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery should make sure there is another step in the process and that is to use a blower or broom to sweep off those plots affected. If not, run an ad in the newspaper that grass was cut and someone in the family needs to go sweep it off their plot. In summary, show some respect for the resting place of the deceased.

Bad job

I cannot express how disappointed I am at a tasteless performance last night on the Billboard Awards show.

Greed and hate

This is a response to “Why did Russia want Trump to be elected?” Maybe they recognized, like the majority of Americans who voted for Trump, that a Clinton administration, just as the Obama administration before it, would be filled with greed, hate, deception, dishonesty, bribery, lies and corruption.

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