Sound Off

Sound Off for May 4, 2019

New plan?

So every time we invite thousands of visitors to Biloxi we roll out the ugly orange cones which makes them think the highway is under permanent disruption. A long time ago, I quit going on vacation to places with ugly roadways, orange cones all over and traffic congestion. Please find another traffic plan.

Please recycle

When I pass a house on pickup day with two, three or even four garbage containers by the street, I can’t help but wonder, “How many recyclables are being thrown away in those cans?” Please recycle.

Very sad

It seems that we all sacrifice something to get something. Ask yourself, what are you getting that is so important by sacrificing the truth from our government? We all accept that politics is a nasty business and they all bend the truth and lie often, but this has gone so far beyond politics. You cannot convince me that this is normal. It is not. We have definitely lost our integrity with the rest of the world and I’m very very sad about that.

Scary situation

Listening to the Democrats in all of the hearings since President Trump was elected makes one think of those people that voted for them. Scary.

A bit hypocritical

If everybody who lied in Congress lost their job there would be absolutely no one left. So using that as a basis for removal is a bit hypocritical.

What to say

To Joy Behar I say: “Your country, love it or leave it.”

Hot air

Joy Behar is only one of many celebrities that have said they were going to leave the U.S. if a certain person was elected. To date, not a single one has actually left. Just more hot air coming from the ranks of the self-entitled.

Not illegal

Trump had the power to remove a special counsel who he perceived had a conflict of interest. Mueller would then be replaced, thus the investigation would not end. People need to read the powers given to the president in our constitution before making unfounded comments. It would not have been illegal to remove Mueller.

Careful wording

Please inform the WLOX-TV announcers that the Thunderbirds team does not do stunts. They perform combat maneuvers.