Sound Off

Sound Off for May 3, 2019

Safety checks?

Will the Mississippi Health Department be checking the vendors for food safety during the airshow this weekend?

Fix it up

I drive by the old Broadwater marina almost daily. It is kept clean and the public uses it all the time. Maybe BP money could be used to buy, lease or at least give owners a tax break. It would make a awesome city park and marina. Restaurant and shops could be put there also.

Some credit

I will give Trump credit for keeping the economy thriving. I do not give him credit for the recovery. It took eight years for Obama and the Republican Congress to repair the damage done by Bush.

Our roles?

I see so much gender and race bashing today that no one knows their roles anymore. That’s the reason our family structure has fallen apart in this country. We need to get back to our roles of man, wife and children and know our roles.

Pretty cheap

I have been reading a lot lately with people saying how expensive golf is. It really isn’t. We have some really cheap rates at our local courses. Most have rental or loaner clubs if you don’t have any available. Walk nine holes. Very relaxing. Call around for best prices. You will be surprised.

No obstruction

First, the Mueller report did not clear the president of obstruction because the president didn’t obstruct anything. In the 488-page report there is no collusion and no obstruction. Period. Second, most of society has appreciation for the poor and programs available to them. What is not liked is the abundance of programs available to poor citizens and non-citizens alike. When and where do the programs stop? Tax reform measures put more money in taxpayers’ pockets. You have to pay taxes to understand what tax reform represents.

Leave the country?

Joy Behar is more than intellectually dishonest. She, among many others of her friends, were going to leave the country if Mr. Trump won. Well, he won and they didn’t and they didn’t leave either. I’m sure if it was a matter of money, many Trump supporters would have been glad to chip in to buy them one-way tickets out of here.

Illegal orders

President Trump escaped being charged chiefly because underlings refused to carry out his illegal orders. Acting Attorney General Barr shamefully continues playing monkey to Trump’s organ grinder. To paraphrase a classic admonishment from the 1950s McCarthy hearings: “Sir, have you no sense of decency?” Meanwhile, our democracy totters as Lady Liberty wistfully awaits the removal of her blindfold after the 2020 presidential election.

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