Sound Off

Sound Off for May 2, 2019

Nothing to say

I’m sure Tate Reeves is a fine person, but you surely wouldn’t know it from his TV commercial. There are no accomplishments listed, no plans for the future, and the annoying repetition of “Jim Hood won’t and I will.” Can’t someone in his campaign can come up with a commercial that has a message of some sort? This commercial does not inspire confidence that the highest office in our state should go to someone who has nothing to say.

Losing weight

I finally decided to lose some weight and go on a low-carb diet. So now, I eat pizza on the floor

Getting worse

For all those people who don’t like programs that help the poor, why are you promoting welfare for the rich? That’s exactly what this administration has done with the tax reform. And it’s going to get worse.

Thanks Trump

I just loved reading the headline that business is booming on the Coast in Monday’s paper. We should thank Trump every day for the economic turnaround our country is experiencing. I for one am not tired of winning. May it continue.

One question

It’s amazing how many sewer covers are on our roads that I have to dodge everyday. Why does this happen only in our state?

Be proud

Three Coast schools are in the top 10 percent of the state that has the worst public schools in the country, but the highest paid head of education. Let’s be proud.

Not cleared

The Mueller report did not clear the president of obstruction. In fact, it noted at least 10 instances of obstruction. The president also refused to be interviewed. Mueller himself has complained that the president’s appointed attorney general wrongly summarized his two-year investigation. Mueller himself has said the attorney general’s summary did not accurately reflect the “context, nature and substance” of our investigation.

Someone better?

I have voted for president since 1970 and most of them have not won. So please stop saying we are mad that Trump won. The problem is the man himself. No matter how you spin or make excuses, he is a terrible leader. He has rolled back regulations that some like, but some things need regulating because corporations are only interested in making money. We need someone better.

Pay more

MDOC wants to hire 500 additional employees to help elevate their vacancy rate. It would seem simple supply and demand would require you offer more than $12 per hour. Lets see, work at Walmart greeting customers or attempt to correct known, violent felons? Which would you choose?

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