Sound Off

Sound Off for May 1, 2019

Great job

I would like to extend a huge shout out to the Memorial Radiation Oncology Center of Memorial Hospital, Dr. Rod G. Krentel, MD and his entire staff. These warm, wonderful and caring professionals have been treating me for the last few months. From the front desk to the technicians running the radiation equipment and the nursing staff, I can’t imagine a more loving and wonderful group of experts.

Concerning comments

People like Joy Behar are intellectually dishonest at best. She said President Trump is to blame for the recent synagogue shooting. First, the sole person responsible is the shooter. Secondly, Trump is not anti-Semitic. Thirdly, Trump’s comments over his time in office are far less incendiary than Behar’s by any measure. She hates. Trump doesn’t.

No crime

Nixon’s potential impeachment and Clinton’s impeachment were both based on obstruction of justice in the form of a cover-up. Trump did not obstruct the Mueller investigation. He cooperated with the investigation by making all staff available for interviews, providing all relative documents and not firing Mueller. Since there was no crime, Trump had no reason to cover-up anything.