Sound Off

Sound Off for April 30, 2019

Bad ending

I was disappointed that the opinion writer ended his message with, “I may not want Trump for my neighbor, but he can be my president”.

Good movies?

I don’t think Hollywood knows how to make a real movie anymore. They are all about superheroes, or animated, or gory. Give me a break.

Worth watching?

The Avengers movie hit the $1 billion mark. Guess that shows one thing: There’s absolutely nothing out there worth watching.

More specific

I guess I have to be more specific and not use fragmented sentences to make my point. Media means any form of mass communication, such as broadcasting, publishing or internet. Some of us read and listen to all and then draw conclusions. It may end up being a different view or conclusion, but it should be based on information and thought.

Options needed

I see that the Coast will have some new dining establishments coming to the Coast. A couple will offer breakfast and brunch menus. Please give your patrons a choice and serve some form of breakfast potato such as hash browns, home fries, etc. Many of us will not eat grits in any form. Now I feel better.

We all eat

Cutting grocery tax isn’t a winner for politicians? It’s time for people to be the winners and get that tax stopped We all need to eat.

Bridge sale

To anyone out there who seriously thinks President Trump will be impeached ... please see me, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Reducing red tape

The source of President Trump’s economic success lies in the tremendous reduction of Government regulations. He has lessened Government interference in business and has removed from businesses the burdensome yoke of hyper-regulation. Deregulation is the source of economic success and it may well prove to be the summit.

Against the law?

Why do so many cars drive on U.S. 90 without their lights on at night? Isn’t it against the law?

Irrational reasoning

I think Democrats should stop focusing on winning an election that they lost (Hillary) and start focusing on policies that will win the 2020 election. But they need to come up with better policies than the socialistic ones I have heard about in the past few weeks. Hating Trump is an irrational reason to vote Democrat.

New training

Met a nice woman who said she was a drill instructor in the Army. I joked she didn’t seem mean enough to scream and yell at people. She said they don’t do that anymore. They give stress cards, time outs, and console them if they get sad and emotional. I joked “hugs and kisses?” She said, “kind of.”