Sound Off

Sound Off for April 28, 2018

Up in arms

To all the people up in arms about “In God We Trust,” there is one God and all religions believe in him. No need to get all twisted.

One question

You’ve got to ask yourself this: Why did Russia want Trump to be elected?

Be responsible

You do not do the feral cat population any favors by feeding the cats without taking action to see that they are spayed or neutered. The laws says if you feed them, they are yours. So be a responsible pet owner and see that they are fixed.

Do your job

People waited for the Mueller report as if Moses were delivering the Ten Commandments. When Mueller did not give them what they were promised by the Democrats and media, they attacked Barr and pivoted to remove Trump. Congress should do its job to legislate. Walk away from the cameras and do the work we sent you to do. Put America ahead of party.

Wrong headline

Your headline “Black Mississippians twice as likely to be denied a home loan” should have read “Low income Mississippians twice as likely to be denied a home loan.” Skin color has nothing to do with the denials.

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