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Sound Off for April 27, 2019

Spin job?

This is in response to “spin job” in Thursday’s Sound Off, which asserted the public was mislead as to the true reasons Bill Clinton was impeached. Tell me, when President Trump gets impeached for the same things and also for serious obstruction of justice, will you be objective and fair? Or are you going to buy the spin job Hannity and Fox News will project to protect Trump?

Smells bad

This is in response to the writer questioning Mississippi State Superintendent of Education Carey Wright’s salary. She is the highest paid state superintendent in the nation in a state with the lowest paid teachers. She is a big proponent of spending millions on the MAAP state test and vehemently opposes using the nationally recognized, much less expensive ACT as a high school exit exam. You’re right. Something smells very fishy.

Big bucks

So, a Jackson law firm has filed a lawsuit against Coast Electric and Singing River Power for having more financial reserves than required by law. The excess reserves are supposed to be rebated to the co-op members. Well, co-op members, don’t get your hopes up. You should know that it is the lawyers filing suit will get the “big bucks,” not them. They will be lucky to get a $5 McDonald’s coupon if there is any money left after their take. Class action suits rarely reach victims with decent compensation.

Set up

In my lifetime the two best presidents, Nixon and Clinton, were set up for a fall by the other party. It seems what is best for the country is not best for Congress. Does that mean they have already decided Trump will be one of our best?

Wasted dollars

Enough on teacher pay raises. If your reporting is accurate, Mississippi teachers are the most ineffective in the U.S. The effort should be to fire the most non-productive ones, not raise salaries across the board. When improvement is made, reward the ones who are achieving. My tax dollars are being wasted on the squeaky wheel of the teachers’ union.

Balloon question

Where do folks think those pretty balloons go when released? To the outer space balloon depository? No. They end up needlessly polluting our beautiful planet and endangering our innocent wildlife.

What gives?

Russia and North Korea are having a summit while we are going backwards trying to make America Great Again.

Bottle and sell

Rain falling along the Gulf Coast is only a little less valuable than petroleum oil, and yet forever and a day we allow this valuable commodity to pour uncollected into the Gulf, when instead it could be bottled and sold.

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