Sound Off

Sound Off for April 26, 2019

Good news

Found some good news in the Sun Herald this morning. Stocks of local interest mostly reflect double-digit year to date percent increases. Not good news for Trump haters to see the economy doing so good.

Demonic qualities

Trump plays to the demonic qualities of all classes.

More choices

I find it annoying that with the amount I pay for my satellite service with basic and some premium channels that I cannot watch programs on CBS All Access or Netflix without paying additional fees. Why can’t those channels be included in our packages?

Clean it up

To all the neighbors/visitors driving on our street, kindly put a bag in your vehicle and use it for your trash, not our street or ditch. We just cleaned it so please keep your trash to yourselves.

Basic counting

How much does Superintendent Carey Wright make per year? Her office can’t figure out how many teachers and eligible staff qualify for a pay raise. Something smells fishy and needs to be looked into.

News judgment

The media reports and records what the president actually says and does. If he looks bad, it is on him.

Work hard

The crowded field of Democrat presidential hopefuls make it a continual point to tout “free stuff” for everyone. And as long as they do they are doomed. Most of us know all too well that there is no free lunch. We are a great country full of boundless opportunity. Complete your education, stay off the intoxicants, work hard and you too shall be blessed.

Balanced report

The journalist Giacomo Bologna, who wrote the article concerning the disparity in mortgage approvals, did give one statistic that showed a great difference in the income of those requesting mortgages: $48,474 vs $71,661. Even then, we would need to know the amount requested and what percentage of income that represented. That might give a much more balanced report.

Looks terrible

There is a big pile of trash on the corner of O’Neal Road close to Dedeaux Road. The city or the trash company needs to pick it up. It looks terrible.

Little honor

I remember a day when members of Congress acted with honor, dignity, civility and respect. They treated each other, even members of the opposing party, with honor, courtesy, dignity and respect as well. It is obvious that ever since the year 2000, the honor, dignity, civility, and respect of both parties is long gone. Constituents no longer matter, only money and power.

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