Sound Off

Sound Off for April 25, 2019

Be mindful

Hey folks, when trimming or cutting down trees please look and make sure there are no bird or squirrel nests in them.

Spin job

The media did a spin job on the Bill Clinton impeachment. They told the public it was all about sex and nothing more. Even using the cover that the Republicans were just a bunch of prudes. The truth was the articles of impeachment were about perjury, witness tampering and corruption. But the public bought the spin, and public opinion was against impeaching poor ole Bill.

Not peaceful

We chose to live out in peaceful, quiet, private Vancleave and to enjoy all the wildlife in our retirement years. Sadly a big developer wants to destroy a 40-acre forest and build several homes. He will be killing many animals in the process and eight neighbors will lose all that peace we moved out here for. Funny how he doesn’t want a development next to his home, but it’s OK to put us through the months of noise and upset.

Predictable behavior

The attacks on Bill Barr were predictable. Here is a patriotic American who came back into service to restore honor and honesty to the Justice Department. He has vowed to expose the corruption that has been covered up. That makes him a very dangerous enemy of the unjust.

Family bonds

For over 20 years, each April 24, I have opened my newspaper to a loving memory of Chris Torgersen. What a beautiful display of love, from an obviously wonderful family.

Racist state

After reading Tuesday’s front page of Sun Herald, I see where Mississippi is still a racist state. Cannot believe this is still happening.

Not racist

News flash, everything is not about race. It gets so tiring people playing the race card. And to top it off, the media prints it and encourages it.

Federal law

Federal law requires people to complete the census accurately and fully. In other words, you cannot lie about whether you are a United States citizen. Simultaneously, federal law requires that a person not be in the country illegally.

Alternative facts

The liberal left controls almost all media and the evening news. The are trying to control textbooks and education as well. One advanced placement history book, titled “By The People: A History Of the United States,” portrays President Trump as an angry racist elected by racists. By comparison, Hillary Clinton is portrayed as an all American who just wants to do good for the country. That is propaganda.

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