Sound Off

Sound Off for April 24, 2019

Private schools

Republicans criticized public school spending, but are putting public money in private schools in many different ways. Free public education is what made this country great and if we don’t continue to do so we will turn into a third-world country.

Weak programming

Another wonderful choice on television tonight, “American Idol” or “The Voice.” I just love watching amateurs sing for two hours. Gee whiz!

Fix needed

Due to the beautiful weather a lot of people are riding their motorcycles. Some motorcyclists go in to Walmart in Pass Christian. There is sand on the busy intersection entering and exiting that Walmart. Please remove the sand before it causes a accident.

Biggest cheerleader

Good ole Bill Barr needs to start wearing a skirt. After all, he’s Trump’s biggest cheerleader.

Research conclusions

Hurricane Michael from last year was just re-evaluated and estimated winds were increased by 5 MPH, which by coincidence moved it up to a category 5. About 4 or 5 years ago someone decided to re-examine Camille, about 45 years after the fact, and somehow determined after all that time that ts was not as strong as originally determined to be. Amazing.

Bad deeds

A good neighbor does blow their leaves into the street or across the street onto property that does not belong to them.

State seal

In all the complaints about the tags an essential fact is being overlooked. The phrase is in the state seal, which has been added to the license plate. It is not a standalone statement. Those who are unhappy with it should have made their concerns known before it was added to the seal in 2014. Perhaps they should write their representative to change it.

Don’t forget

To the writer who compared Bill Clinton to Donald Trump and complains about the media, lest you forget, Bill Clinton was the subject of impeachment proceedings.

Unrealistic promises?

So much pandering by several presidential candidates. Cancel student debt, free college, reparations, Medicare for all, on and on. The likelihood of these happening are slim to none. Candidates need platforms that will benefit all.

Other factors

Another inflammatory article front and center on the front page of the Sun Herald this morning. Has anyone considered there are other factors besides race that cause home loans to be denied?

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