Sound Off

Sound Off for April 23, 2019

Go online

Lots of complaints about delays in renewing drivers licenses in person at the DMV. I renewed mine last month online. Took about five minutes.

Yellow dogs

The yellow dogs are now Republican and the biggest yellow dog they stand by is Trump.

Choice needed

In response to the Non-Christian complaining about the tag, I agree that the state should have given you an option for a tag with “E Pluribus Unum” on it instead. While both statements are part of our nation’s history, I do not feel it is right to force the statement “In God We Trust” on non-Christians anymore than it would be to force a Non-Christian statement on Christians.

Biased media

In response to the person talking about respect must be earned, let me remind you of all the respect President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky showed the office of president. I’m not justifying some of Trump’s words or actions. I’m simply stating a fact. Trump’s negative traits are being emphasized by a biased media, just as the same media justified and excused Clinton’s actions.

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