Sound Off

Sound Off for April 20-21, 2019

Thank you

The Saturday “What Happened?” Sound Off was profound and deeply touched me. It was a rare statement with real Christian values. What has happened to us? Thank you to this wonderful person for strengthening my beliefs.

2 questions

This is in response to all the people who are offended by the words “In God We Trust” on the current car tag. I have two questions, since our currency bears the same motto, do you get personally offended every time you see money? Does this stop you from spending money?

Not so fast

I’m sorry but I must take exception to those saying that most of the manhole covers on the Coast’s streets are 3 inches below the streets surface. There are many 3 to 4 inches above the surface.. That kind of evens things out, doesn’t it?

Dead-on discount

I just saw a special offer on a cremation plan. Limited time only, by now before time runs out. Maybe there will be a buy one get one free in the future.

To-do list

I see the new Saints schedule is out, now if we can only schedule to get some good referees. Make all calls reviewable, to take out the human error.

Big win

Money won by the man who bet on Tiger Woods in Biloxi was great. A gambler in Las Vegas bet $85,000 on tiger and won over a million. The bookie said it smarted.

Ought to be a law

What is city/county policy about dumping leaves in the streets? My neighbor blows leaves from his yard into the street creating drain blockages and an eventual runoff problem for the beach drain culverts.

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