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Sound Off for April 19, 2019

Anyone know?

At the Northwest corner of Howard Avenue and Reynoir Streets in Biloxi once stood W. V. Joyce. Can anyone tell me the date the store closed? My mother bought a Nativity set at the closing sale. I would like to know the approximate age of this set.

Any tickets?

I wonder if there has ever been a citation written in Jackson Country for not having or having a very loud muffler?

Tax returns

I can't believe any politician would be stupid enough to make their tax returns public. It would show they all take advantage of every loophole and they all make more money than they are worth.

What happened?

I remember when our country stood for truth, honor and integrity. We welcomed those in need and helped each other. We upheld the Constitution, and put God and family first. We didn't hate those different from us, we embraced them and loved our neighbors just as we are supposed to do. What happened?

Lacking character

Respect is earned. I have respect for the office of the president of The United States and respect it enough that I find it abhorrent we have a man with such lack of character in that office.

Earned respect

For us to show respect to the office of the president, the president himself should show respect to the office he holds and to the people that office oversees. Respect must be earned.

Fitting in

I'm starting to drive my car slow in the left lane. Just so that I can fit in with everyone else.

Choice needed

The new Stennis auto tag should be available free of charge for those of us who do not choose to have an “In God We Trust” tag on our car. There is such a thing as separation of church and state. I do not think I should be forced to have a slogan on my car for something that violates my rights as a non-Christian. That tag should have been one people could choose, not forced to have.

Money flow

Waiting at the DMV wondering where all the money goes? Definitely not going to staff the DMV or fix roads. Captivated? Prisoner is more like it.

Never forget

It is unconscionable that a photo caption would be written about the USS Fitzgerald crash and not mention the seven sailors who died. Please remember them in your prayers.

Great article

Great sports article on Pittsburgh Pirate great Roberto Clemente. One of my fondest childhood memories was watching "21" throw out a runner at home plate from the right field wall at old Forbes Field.

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