Sound Off

Sound Off for April 18, 2019

Good year?

So for black spring break, officials say it was a good year and things went well. There were 71 people arrested, 20 for felonies, and that’s a good year? I’m glad it’s not a bad year.

Same respect

May you receive the same respect in your personal and business lives as you’ve shown the office of the U.S. presidency.

Lots of trouble?

We drove on U.S. 90 Sunday afternoon and were shocked at the trash piled up on the sidewalks and side of the road. The extra police that were posted on the beach had to cost a fortune. I think Biloxi and coastal cities could do without this trouble.

Not students

I don’t know about most people, but what I saw, a majority of the people at spring break are not college students.

Captive audience

Like many others, I’m spending half my day at the Gulfport driver’s license office on U.S. 49 in an attempt to get a license. It’s obvious that these offices are severely underfunded and understaffed. Wish they could sell snacks and drinks — they’d make a fortune with such a captive audience.

Two reasons

To “Who Decided,” there are at least two good reasons to replace metal car tags periodically. The current change occurred because we have more vehicles on the road than could be accounted for with three letters and three numbers. The other reason is that law enforcement can more readily identify expired tags from a distance when the look at the tag changes every few years.

Wrong ad?

Several days ago in the Sun Herald there was a Mass schedule for St. James Catholic Church. The schedule was for Christmas 2018. No correction has yet appeared. Can one tell me the Easter Mass schedule for this year? (Editor’s note: We messed up here. We accidentally ran the wrong ad in last Sunday’s paper. The correct ad will be in on Friday.)