Sound Off

Sound Off for April 17, 2019

Novel thought

Yet another story on the front page about how the Black Spring Breakers don’t like the traffic plan. Here’s a novel thought ... either deal with it or don’t come.

Kind souls

For the kind souls complaining that Trump eliminated their favorite tax deductions like charities and mortgage interest, the truth is you can. You can do a long form and deduct anything you want. Or, take the standard deduction, that Trump raised, and get a bigger return.

Special care

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin says of the illegal immigration crisis, “We must deal with this humanely.” I agree. Invite a few hundred thousand illegals into your sanctuary city and 10 or 15 into your home.

Speak clearly

If you are unable to say several sentences without saying “um,” you have no business being a reporter on TV.

Who decided?

Whose policy is it to replace a perfectly good metal license tag and why? Replacing a metal plate should be optional with the cost savings of the new plate going to the consumer.

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