Sound Off

Sound Off for April 16, 2019

Good job

I think the Sound Off editor does a good job.

Road fixed

Thank you to Harrison County for the half mile resurfacing of Johnson Still Road. The pot holes were terrible. Could it be election time is on the horizon?

What apology?

The Mueller report hasn’t shown anything since it hasn’t been shown. Apology for what, reporting what this president actually says and does? He bring every criticism on himself.

Love the plates

I’ve been reading all the whining about the new car tags. I think they are just wonderful. Same basic color as New Jersey plates. I get a little taste of home when I see the new tags. As for the whiners about the “In God We Trust” words, that statement is on your money also. I don’t see complaints about that. I’m sure somebody is going to say that I should go back to New Jersey but hey, I kinda like it here and reading the Sound Off column. And I still get a pretty cheap paper.

Penalty measures

Waste Pro once again has left debris in front of houses in Bayou View for a solid month. Their contract calls for once a week debris pick up. Totally unacceptable. What is the penalty for this Gulfport?

Tax facts

To the person who claims their 10 percent charitable donations and their mortgage interest are no longer allowed, they are wrong. So, if you prepared your own taxes, I sure hope you didn’t help others with their taxes. If you paid someone to prepare your taxes, you should get your money back. If you are saying the new standard deduction resulted in a higher amount than your itemized deductions, you are misstating the facts about the new tax changes implemented by the Trump administration.

Good journalism?

When did good journalism come to include quotes that are so illiterate that they can hardly be understood?

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