Sound Off

Sound Off for April 14, 2019

One question

If there’s nothing to hide, why are they not eager to make the Mueller report public?

Crazy editor

The Sound Off editor runs anti-Trump nonsense for 27 or 28 days of the month. Then he runs a day of pro-Trump Sound Offs. He follows this with all the Sound Offs collected during the month complaining of a liberal Sun Herald. And finally the next day prints a bunch of Sound Offs saying the Sun Herald is balanced because they just saw a day of pro-Trump Sound Offs. Then back to the crazy liberal nonsense. Is this right?

No escape

The “common sense” Sound Off criticizes closing lanes on U.S. 90 for emergency vehicle use. They say emergency vehicles can just go north to Pass Road. Really? Lots of luck finding a street between the east side of the mall and the west side of the Coliseum to go north to Pass Road.

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