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Sound Off for April 13, 2019

Extra job

I’m retired, but I overheard a young lady say she works three jobs. She told me that employees work less than full-time, which means no benefits. You need an extra job to pay for child care, health expenses, rent, food, etc. The cost of living out paces wages and the majority of jobs are dead-in service industry.

Big refund

Last year I got a $1,881 refund. This year, $2,021. I’m pondering now what to do with all that money. Big businesses are laughing all the way to the bank.

Great flowers

For you flower lovers, do not miss the glorious display of hundreds of amaryllis in a yard off O’Neal Road on Old U.S. 49. These are orange in color. You will not be disappointed.

Bad view

The orange cones lining the middle of U.S. 90 need to be removed, and a new traffic control plan implemented. The one scenic and picturesque asset we have in Biloxi is the drive along the beach. We ruined it for the Cruising the Coast visitors, and are doing it again now.

Too close

OK, besides being ugly and too tall, the traffic cones are too close together. When both lanes are open it is extremely awkward to try and change lanes. You have to slow way down and hope that the other lane is clear or the gap is between cars is long enough to allow you to merge. How about a block-long section opened up every mile or so to allow lane changes?

Tiger trouble

Is anyone else playing in the Masters besides Tiger Woods? I like Tiger, but I think there should be other golfers in the tournament.

Lacking service

It seems like these days, businesses make money in spite of themselves. Big company, little company, health care, you name it, they all lack service or genuine care.

No celebration

The Democrats are celebrating their accomplishments in their first 100 controlling the House. Hmm, they’ve whined, cried, lied, gossiped, and promoted Trump hate and hateful division among people.

Read more

The very idea that you only believe stories that fit your agenda is puzzling to me. Take a look at the majority of news providers, not just one. Even better, look at them all and settle in the middle. That’s where the truth usually lies. Unfortunately, this administration has made the truth a fantasy. Sad.

Government waste

Congratulations Biloxi on Howard Avenue. It has changed from a walking mall, then one way traffic and now back the way it was originally. And how much tax money was wasted over the years?

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