Sound Off

Sound Off for April 12, 2019

Good job

Thank you, Lowe’s, for providing military veteran parking at your stores. We who served are very grateful.

Not cool

Why on earth does my neighbor burn their yard debris? Tonight the entire street is filled with smoke. We live in a subdivision. Please have some consideration for your neighbors.

Formula works

I pity anyone living in subsidized housing. The reporting by the AP writers is typical. Inserts blame for conditions on Trump, ignores Obama’s real contribution to the problem and uses the most heartbreaking examples to make a point. Also, the unmarried mother of three is only 21 years old. I say focus on the real problem. Make good choices, get an education, get a job. When followed in the correct order, this formula works.

Some advice

The only traffic guide you need for Biloxi’s black spring break is stay out of Biloxi during black spring break.

Common sense

So, to prevent gridlock on U.S. 90, you close two of the lanes. Whatever happened to common sense. Emergency vehicles can go north to Pass Road. Common sense is not too common.

Law and order

Weren’t Republicans all about law and order? Seems like they have no problem with obstruction of justice when it is for Trump’s sake.

Winning formula

You don’t need to be smart to become rich if your father was very rich and gave you millions of dollars. It also doesn’t hurt if you file for bankruptcy many times and failed to pay people working for you.

Not acceptable

No one is in denial about the Mueller Report findings. We the people are waiting to see it. A 3.5 page summary (written by a biased attorney general) of a 400+ page report is not acceptable.

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