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Sound Off for April 11, 2019

Culture change

Tate Reeves is saying that Democrats are trying to change our culture. If by change our culture he means not allowing private roads being built, better schools, health care for the poor and upgrading our state, I’d say he is correct.

Some omissions

Some broken sentences omitted by “pay attention:” Inherited booming economy. Children in cages. Broken promises. Mexico paying for wall. Everybody wins

His thinking

Once again we are being entertained by another Democratic party congressional hearing. I just loves the attorney general’s reaction to those stating they are going to submit documents to him. He flips his thumbs up and says OK. I can just image his thoughts, “OK, I have a shredder.”

In denial?

When it comes to the acceptance of the Mueller report’s findings, the Democrats are in denial. This must be a mistake. The media is the cheating husband who has been lying to his wife for two years. The liberal public is the wife who won’t accept the truth from the private investigator.

An agenda

Democrats are calling the Republicans liars and the Republicans are calling the Democrats liars. I think they’re both liars and they’re both pushing the “greedy rich man’s agenda.”

Slanted media

The very idea that these so-called journalists verify their stories from a reliable source or be fired is a joke. True journalism is dead. The rich and famous owners of New York Times, Washington Post, etc. hate Trump. Therefore, only stories that feed that agenda will be printed.

Why change?

Why does Mississippi change the design on our tags anyway? How much does it cost to issue new tags? Why don’t we just pick a basic two color, easy to read tag with no emblem except maybe state flower or bird? I bet it would save the taxpayer’s money.

Some answers

Why am I not a billionaire? I didn’t inherit billions from my dad. I also haven’t didn’t file for bankruptcy six times. How many times have you filed for bankruptcy?

Next move

I’m guessing Boosie’s next move will be to boycott Georgia.

Phone addiction

The other day I saw a covey of teenagers who had stepped off a bus to walk the beach. Everyone of them was looking down at a cell phone. The exception was a lone girl, dancing on the beach. The others clustered together, heads down or faces back for selfies. These hand held little computers are addicting and they sure are wonderful inventions ... if you don’t let the real world pass you by.

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