Sound Off

Sound Off for April 10, 2019

Balanced coverage

I think the Sun Herald does a balanced job of providing much needed information to their local community. We need this information, especially here in Mississippi where our political leaders are against the “sunshine” reaching the public. Remember, “democracy dies in the darkness” as the saying goes.

No bashing

Stop bashing the media. Newspaper journalist have to verify their stories from a reliable source, or they can be fired. Besides most of the news is provided via daily tweets. Our daily news is played out in real time right before our eyes. Some don’t like what they see, some ignore, some discredit the source, some shift the blame, others say what we saw didn’t really happen.

Not getting it

For the love of Mike ... stop the madness at our Southern border, secure our border and protect and defend the citizens. We are a sovereign nation guided by the rule of law. Does Congress understand this?

One question

To all the people who think President Trump is an idiot, and believe they are smarter than he is, answer this. Why aren’t you a billionaire?

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