Sound Off

Sound Off for April 9, 2019

Pay attention

To “how he talks,” here are some broken sentences for you. Lower taxes. Higher wages. Low unemployment. Strong economy. Stock market strong. Questioning the President’s intellect is unbelievable. You need to pay attention to all the progress this country has experienced under Trump’s watch.

Go Trump

I hope Trump’s veto of the will of Congress regarding funding for his wall gets him the wall. That will be a small price to pay for future Democratic presidents to have a precedent to use to declare national emergencies regarding more important things, such as gun control, health care, and climate change. Go Trump.

Name change?

Almost every negative article you run on the President is from the New York Times or Washington Post. Should we rename the Herald the Times/Post Southern edition?

Like money?

For those of you who have don’t like the new license plates because of the words “In God We Trust,” how do you feel about money? I assume you like money because we all do. But money also has the words “In God We Trust.” Do you earn it and spend it? Just wondering.

Cover it up

Don’t like the new car tag? Do like most people and cover it with a novelty frame. Also good for hiding expired stickers. Don’t worry, you won’t get pulled over. Police are too busy with littering and people driving in left lane.

Obey the law

This is to all the cyclists who travel in the bike lane on Cowan/Lorraine road. If you want motorists to respect you and be cautious of your space, obey the traffic signals. All too often the bikers will ride right through an intersection when the traffic signal is red because there is an opening. I believe the law says that you must obey the traffic rules just as the cars must do.

Rude behavior

The Secretary of Homeland Security was thanked for her services by the president via a tweet. I worked as a manager for 13 years and this behavior would not have been acceptable to my staff or superiors. In addition, it is just rude and unprofessional.

Temper tantrum

The Democrats are looking like a bunch of whining children and fools. When will they get back to their duties?

Just the best

I was born and raised in Biloxi and I live in the house I grew up in. The new tag is dreary. Not a complaint, just a statement. Mississippi deserves the best.

A question

Can anyone explain why the Republicans are blocking a report that “completely exonerates” the president?

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