Sound Off

Sound Off for April 7, 2019

Look it up

Trump speaks at his public appearances in a colloquial fashion. It has been a very effective tool for relating to people. If you listen to Trump when he gets serious, you find he knows exactly what to communicate. “Not nice” and “very sad” are not broken sentences. There is a name for them. Use your skills and look it up.

Just a tag

It’s a car tag people, not a manifesto. It’s not ugly, it’s not offensive, it’s not a plot against you ... it’s just a humble car tag.

Doing nothing

Am I the only taxpayer that is concerned that Congress is doing absolutely nothing that they were elected to do?

Perfect example

Papa said ignorance can be helped, but stupidity goes on forever. Look at our leaders in Washington.

Easy solution

The Sun Herald article states, “The state has long been looking for solutions to its teacher shortage, but the Legislature adjourned last week without passing any new bills to address it.” Hello, governor and lieutenant governor, the solution is right in front of your nose. Pay them more than the neighboring states and they will stay, and some may come back.

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