Sound Off

Sound Off for April 6, 2019

Kind act

As my auto was being serviced at Allen Toyota I was told I needed a new set of tires. A customer overheard the conversation and anonymously paid for a new set of tires plus labor. I want to thank you for your generosity. May God bless you.

Small type

I can’t believe anyone would complain about “In God We Trust” on new tags, when the only way to see or read it is to have a magnifying glass and be within inches.

China trip?

Our founding fathers all had a “higher power” in mind when they helped form this great country of ours. If the word “God” truly offends atheists, then please contact me for one way airfare to communist China. They will welcome you with open arms.

One suggestion

If Mississippi’s new tag bothers you, I have a suggestion for you. Take up residences in Iran or Syria and complain until your hearts are content. By the way ... you have to stay there permanently.

Media concerns

The mainstream media seems more concerned about avocados coming across the border than fentanyl. One goes on toast, the other kills more than 70,000 Americans every year.

Love of country

To the author of the “Sound Off” titled “Avocado Shortage:” We must simply do our best to survive without avocados from Mexico if President Trump closes the border. Furthermore, California avocados are available at stores throughout the U.S. Question: Do you like avocados more than you love our country?

Fun game

Here is a fun exercise that can be played by conservatives and liberals alike. Every time there is a Sound Off comment with a negative reference to President Trump, substitute Trump with Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Chuck Schumer or Dick Durbin. Whatever the comment, you will see that it makes much more sense with the substituted name.

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