Sound Off

Sound Off for April 5, 2019

Show some love

Was stuck in a room all day with soundless CNN on a television. It was nonstop negative Trump stuff on the bottom scroll. One 15-minute chunk was spent pondering whether Trump was rude to his Mar Largo staff. I get home and tune in WLOX-TV for some local news, and its more Trump hate nonsense. That’s nuts

Keep the ACA

The Democrats will not forget the millions of Americans that depend on the ACA for health care because of pre-existing conditions. It is the law of the land and is working to protect Americans. Health care is the biggest concern for Americans other than those working in Congress, who have no concerns over their own health care and little over other Americans.

Job shopping

Walmart sure takes the service out of customer service. I guess now I can apply for a job, since I can scan groceries better than anyone.

Don’t need them

Avocados? We don’t need no stinking avocados.

One idea

It has been proven that extending loving-kindness to others worked well to reduce anxiety, increase happiness, empathy, and feelings of social connection. Let’s try it.

Sensative talk

Everyone is calling for people to be sensitive toward others. How in the world could anyone make Donald Trump be sensitive to anyone other than himself?

Dashed hopes

I was hoping when they repaved U.S. 90 in Harrison County they would fix the bumps at the storm drain crossings. But alas, my hopes have been dashed.

Curious design

The Highway Department spends millions to make the off ramps on the interstates long enough that you don’t have to slow down until you are completely off, yet most cars are down to 40 mph by time they exit.

Some ideas

Maybe Mississippi would not have to borrow money to pay for services if A) we change our flag B) we pay workers a decent wage and C) Expand health care. Then maybe we could attract more tourists and residents, which would increase our tax base.

Broken sentences

Why does President Trump talk to crowds in broken sentences? “Not nice” and “very sad.” It’s as if he thinks his constituents are uneducated.

Just a lie

The Mueller report was a big fat goose egg, with only associates to President Trump charged with process crimes. MSNBC host Chris Matthews shrieked and asked how. Because it was a lie and fabrication from the beginning. After two years and millions of dollars, it’s still a lie. It’s just that simple. Pathetic.

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