Sound Off


One question

I question meat that is rubbery and flavorless.

No free pass

Joe Biden will not get a free pass. Not because he is guilty, but, because the leading Democrats have made their choice for leader of their party in 2020 and Biden is not it. Therefore, they will let his accusers bring him down so as to narrow the field and improve the chances for their first choice candidate.

Changing times

What used to be considered an act of affection is now considered an act of aggression.

Discount needed

How much is Walmart paying customers to check themselves out? There should be at least a 10 percent to 15 percent discount if a customer checks themselves out.

Sales attempt

Maybe teachers do need more pay. Who knows? If you want someone to invest in your product, you gotta show a positive initial sales attempt first. I think our failed public education system has nothing to do with teacher pay.

Think again

If you have your savings in a credit union expecting to make money, think again. The reason they give low-cost loans is because they pay low interest to their depositors. Think about diversifying to stocks and bonds leaving behind just some of your cash. Some gold bullion or gold mining stock isn't a bad idea either in this era of uncertainty.

Advice offered

This is to the writer of Tuesday's Sound Off who was disappointed with the interest he receives from his financial institution. There are many opportunities to receive higher interest. One is the federal government itself, through Online brokerage houses offer negotiable, FDIC-insured CDs and treasury bills. Slightly higher rates may be found but involve longer terms and higher risks. This assumes one is comfortable making large transactions online.

Avocado shortage?

Closing the border with Mexico is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. According to the pundits, three weeks after the border is sealed, we will run out of avocados. California can only supply itself and it takes years to grow new trees.

Awkward situation

Management of both the post office and the public library in downtown Gulfport should tell the street people who open doors for customers going inside that, if they wanted a doorman, they'd hire one. This is an awkward situation.

Look it up

Shocker. Mississippi teachers are the lowest paid in the country. But I bet you didn't know that Mississippi's education secretary is the highest paid in the nation. Yes, its true, research it.

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