Sound Off

Sound Off for April 3, 2019

A free pass?

More selective indignation by the left. When a conservative and/or Republican is accused of sexual misconduct, he or she is guilty until proven otherwise. Joe Biden clearly gets a pass — just like Bill Clinton did.

Thankless job

Kids come to school too tired to learn; no breakfast, no school supplies and inappropriately dressed for the day. But teachers are supposed to whip out their magic wands and make learning happen. No amount of money is enough to repay what teachers do —every day — against all odds.

Peaceful resolution

Democracy is an agreement to settle disagreements by voting rather than violence.

Change the process

Let me say that I am for paying teachers fairly. The fairest formula I can come up with would be the Southern average adjusted to the mean cost of living. That being said, we suffer the result of our children not valuing education. This must start at home. Our teachers are not responsible for this condition. We must change the entire thought process.

Keep it on

I’m glad to see the warning/marker red light illuminated on the Biloxi water tower behind Fire Station Number 9 on West Oaklawn Road in Woolmarket. It has not been illuminated for over two years. Both military and commercial aircraft fly low over this area daily. Thanks to whoever got the warning light back on.

Tireless effort

My mother has been an educator for almost 40 years and I can tell you, she was never able to bring us to school or pick us up. She took weeks to prepare her classroom in the summer before school came back, paid out of pocket for supplies and was up grading papers typically until dinner or later. She and the rest of the educators at her school also taught out of FEMA trailers for years. Maybe times have changed because of computers and email, but I assure you, between teaching, parent teacher conferences, meetings, lesson plans, grading papers and the myriad of other responsibilities she had, she worked more hours per year than many people I know. Let’s try not to discount actual effort put in when someone is working. That’s how working for salary is.

A hoax?

Let me get this right. The Democrats in 2017 said we must accept Robert Mueller’s findings. The Democrats in 2019 say we do not accept Mueller’s findings. Congressman Schiff vows to investigate President Trump further. The opposition party and all Trump haters should reckon with the fact if Mueller had anything on Trump, he would have written that instead of a 400-page exoneration. It was a hoax to begin with and it evaporates without so much as a whimper. Blow out the candles.

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