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Sound Off for April 2, 2019

Help needed

Mississippi has the lowest paid teachers and the lowest performing students of any other state in this country. I’m hoping a student from another state can figure out this correlation and provide some guidance to our state Legislature.

Pay for results

What if teachers were paid by results? U.S. has gone from the leader in education to the bottom of all NATO countries

Fair wage

I’m all for paying teachers a fair wage. Especially if it will make the schools better. Can’t believe all this time the reason our schools have been at the bottom is because the teachers are needing a raise.

Good outcome

So glad the food sales tax is dead. From the friends and neighbors I have talked with it, it wouldn’t have been passed by the voters. The Sportsplex doesn’t serve the majority of the citizens of Gulfport.

Rage rooms

Rage rooms have opened in cities around the world. The first one opened in Japan around 2008 and since then they’ve popped up in cities everywhere. These are places where, for a fee, people can go to smash things, throw things, break things and release their stress. In New York City, a special $95 couples package is available with two buckets of dishes and two electronic items they can smash. Bizarre! Must be anti-Trumpers for sure.

Too rushed

I am sure that Mississippi will continue to spend money it doesn’t have and borrow money it can’t pay back. It is in the Legislature’s DNA to do so with bait-and-switch tactics. Every budget season they hide pet projects to get them funded. This time they agreed to spend another $27 million of our money on pet projects and gave members 20 minutes to read 100 bills. That is 12 seconds of analysis per bill. It takes me 30 minutes every month to read my phone bill.

Advice wanted

Can you guess which credit union on the Coast paid $369.86 on quarterly interest, January through March, on a savings account that has over $500,000 in it? That’s earning $1.36 a day. Do the math and you’ll know the credit union. Should I buy a CD from another bank, or move it over into the 401K?

Missed tunes

Please bring back the easy listening station. I miss it dearly.

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