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Sound Off for April 1, 2019

Guitar better

Re: New car tags. Awful. Ugly. Awfully ugly. Lucille was awesome.

What’s a life worth?

There is a vast difference between abortion and the death penalty. To compare them is like comparing apples and oranges. Unfortunately there are lives out there that are not worth anything.

No comparison

It gets a little tiresome hearing the comparison of an innocent beating heart in a womb to the most ruthless murderers, rapists, etc. Not to mention the annual ratio of innocents aborted to those actually put to death under the justice system is staggering

Free speech

Religious items are removed from schools in Lee County because of a complaint. What would happen if people complained because those items weren’t there? Would those items be allowed in? Does this apply only to Christian items or those of all religions?

State alcohol?

In a recent letter to the editor, a local family-owned package store owner lamented the service provided by the state ABC warehouse and advocated the Legislature support purchase of additional warehouse space. He’s correct about the deplorable service, but has the wrong solution. The limited space dictates what brands stores may carry, and ABC is slow in filling orders. I’ve had a request in for well over a year for a product on the state-approved list that I need for a recipe. The state does not need to be in the alcohol-warehousing business. It’s a duplication of effort. Let the wholesalers warehouse products as they do in other states. Then maybe customers can actually get what they want without driving to adjacent states.

Too far?

Sorry, the new plans for the old Margaritaville will sadly fail again. It is still located off the beaten path in a dismal part of east Biloxi. The Coast has enough casinos!

Why the rule

Just a quick question for the City of Ocean Springs: I've noticed that there's no parking after 10 p.m. on Front Beach. Is this so the homeless making camp down there are not kept awake by us pesky taxpayers?


According to Wallethub, Mississippi has the lowest per-capita GDP in the nation, and we are the most dependent state for federal handouts to our state budget. Yet the Senate, in all its wisdom, votes to hold a constitutional convention to see how we can further separate ourselves from the federal government. Folks, we have no viable economy and are soul-searching for solutions. If we want to be more independent, we need to grow stronger economically first.

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