Sound Off

Sound Off for March 31, 2019

Dingy plates

One word describes our new license plates: “dreary.”


Teachers get $44,000 per “year?” You mean nine months. That’s pretty good considering they’re off on weekends, for all the holidays, Christmas and Thanksgiving “weeks.” They also start and end the day when kids are in school, ideal for parents with kids in school.

One example

Keith Olbermann is a prime spokesperson for the seething hatred of the far left. Trump loves their hate

Still waiting

I agree the change of format from easy listening to country on WROA was a mistake. Over 3 weeks ago, I called to voice my complaint and was told I could leave my number and I would get a return call. I am still waiting.

Rare prize

First, I am not against sportsmen hunters who harvest wildlife for food. Second, I am not taking sides with ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann! But I am highly disgusted with the front-page photo and article about this beautiful rare white turkey being killed. IT was your priority not for food but for a trophy to be taxidermied and brag about.

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