Sound Off

Sound Off for March 30, 2019

ConCon a con

The article Friday on Mississippi lawmakers voting on a Constitutional Conventions whereas “Republican Rep. Dan Eubanks of Walls ... responded that a ConCon would be for ‘a specific call’ focused on limiting spending.” The uniformed might swallow that line but if ever 34 states call for a ConCon, Katie bar the door! Nothing in our present Constitution will be safe! Every amendment will be subject to change! All they need to do is submit one amendment to limit spending and let 38 states vote on it!


So the South will rise again. SCR 596 is a traitorous attempt to usurp the U.S. Constitution. Didn’t the CSA try this before and lost the Civil War? Special interests would be the only winners in this fight. Call Gov. Phil Bryant and Lt. Gov.Tate Reeves and tell them to vote no on the ridiculous plan. Don’t bite (Uncle Sam) the hand that feeds you!

All teachers

Since the parents that go to private school and public school pay the same amount of taxes, I think the hard-working teachers at private schools should receive the same $1,000 bonus from Mississippi.

More than pay

How much do teachers currently make and why does it take legislative action for them to get a raise? When is the last time they’ve gotten raises? When is the last time other state employees have gotten raises? It seems like teachers always have the loudest (not always neediest) voices. How much do they make when all their benefits are factored in — ie., actual annual hours worked, medical insurance, above-average retirement benefits, can retire after relatively short amount of time?


Thanks to our Legislature, Mississippi teacher assistant salaries are now going from below poverty level at $12,500 per year, to minimum wage at $14,000 per year. I hope your kids aren’t getting what we pay for.

New problem

When people were complaining about long lines at the DMV offices since last summer, the excuse they stated on the news was that the new computer program was slowing it all down. Well, I just saw that it has been due to a a personnel shortage. Really? Why didn’t they say that last summer? All day to get a renewed license? Before all of this started, the offices were staffed by MHP officers. There wasn’t near as many working then as I saw when I went in last July about 3 p.m. on Mississippi 67. I was told they weren’t giving out any more numbers for the day. She said I need to be there before it opens and then be there for hours. Crazy! I think it was much more efficient when MHP was working there.

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