Sound Off

Sound Off for March 29, 2019

Turkey lives

Oh, that our nation regarded the lives of unborn babies in the womb more than the animals that roam among us! That white turkey would have been harvested by another hunter if Mr. Waltman hadn’t got to him first! Now many people will get to enjoy the albino turkey for years to come! Olbermann should be fired for speaking such terrible things against the young hunter!

Safe space

The ignorance of some people just amazes me! A shooting range will give someone the chance to work out their aggressions in a safe environment, not on others!

So rude

How is it not obvious to everyone that having one’s cellphone on speaker in a public place is annoying to those around you?

Need options

Just another C&W radio station. How many are there now eight? ten? If you don’t care for rap, R&B or country and western. you have nothing to listen to. WROA had the answer with a nice listening format. I hope WROA will get enough complaints to return to easy listening music.

Not for all

Using the computer to renew one’s drivers license is great, but the option is not available to every driver in Mississippi. There are numerous licensing restrictions, including age, which require that the applicant show up at the appropriate station in person.

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