Sound Off

Sound Off for March 28, 2019

Trendy crime

Yet a couple more embezzlement stories. It never ceases to amaze me how organizations put people in charge of funds and don’t make provisions to watch what they’re doing. This needs to be done frequently for anyone who has access to funds or accounts. (Apparently this is a more urgent problem here on the coast than might be expected.)

One solution

Rather than stand in line for hours use your computer or go to the library and enter in a computer.

New leaders

While ushering in all the tourist lures and the mayors grin for the camera, we as a community see the roads crumbling, infrastructure failures, they continue to spew lies and we suffer. Vote them out!


Does any remember the name of the chiropractor who had a office in Pascagoula in ’70s. Located in a house on Market St. about where the old Arby’s was.

Sunshine in

When elected public officials vote on any issue, that vote should be public and open for all to see. No closed-door secret sessions. Secret implies that there is something to hide. If you are being paid by taxpayers money, you do not have secrets, and if you do then you need to resign.

Blessing and curse

According to a report by ABI research, more than 4 million commercial robots will be installed in 50,000 warehouses by 2050. At Amazon right now, one can see a 100,000-square-foot warehouse, handling tens of thousands of packages and only six people on the floor. Robots don’t sleep, take breaks or time off, complain, quit or unionize. They don’t get paid, earn a pension, pay taxes, buy stocks or goods, raise families, build communities or retirement funds.

Why the change?

In response to the write-in about WROA changing from “easy listening” to country western. What a drastic change. But why? We loved the easy listening and 100.1 was our favorite radio channel, and was very relaxing music. Then all of a sudden we were shocked to find they had switched. We thought we had it on the wrong channel. Now, we ride around mainly listening to CDs. See ya later, WROA, we sure will miss you. But hopefully if enough people complain you will listen and give us back our favorite music.

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