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Sound Off for March 27, 2019

Easy money?

Is it really that easy that a person can get millions in loans from a bank by showing income tax returns that he never even filed?

Crazy long wait

I’m in my 70s and currently undergoing treatment for cancer. There are no guarantees that I will survive more than two years, but I spent $48 to renew my driver’s license at the Kiln station for eight years. I definitely knew that I would not survive another five trips to the Kiln station, waiting over 30 hours in line, much of it outside with no shelter from the elements.


Mississippi lawmakers definitely have misplaced priorities. They give unlimited exemption of sales tax for guns and supplies for three days and limit school clothes tax exemption to $100 or less for two days and exclude school supplies. No wonder Mississippi has such a bad reputation and in the bottom national ranking on education.

Don’t tax the poor

Reading the Sun Herald commentary, I couldn’t help but see inequities: minimal for school supplies, no limit on guns and ammo. Here’s a thought; a permanent sales tax holiday on groceries. Sales tax on groceries hurts our poorest residents.

Face the problem

I bet the problem would be solved quickly if any of our legislators ever had to actually go get their drivers license renewed.

Keep going

Highway 63 has been in the process of being paved for 6 months, yet they fail to touch a 5 mile stretch from Highway 614 Junction to the George County line. Are the drivers in northeast Jackson County not deserving of a new highway?


The outfalls do not “just drain water off the street.” Included in the water is oil, grease, dirt, dog and cat feces, lawn chemicals, etc. A pretty cover doesn’t correct the sewer problem.

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