Sound Off

Sound Off for March 26, 2019

March madness

Up and down the court. Toss the ball five or six times. Shoot. Miss. Up and down the court again. Tweet. Foul. Stop game; shoot foul shots. Up and down the court again. Now I know why they call it "March madness." Time for the Cartoon Network; at least that's humorous.

Pay up

Mississippi should pay our teachers a competitive wage with other states. But why don’t our legislators get behind our pay for police officers? While the average teachers’ pay is $44,000 per year, most police officers are paid almost half that amount. I am not a law enforcement officer or retiree but a citizen that would like to see these brave men and women paid appropriately.

Shame for Dems

Lies, misuse of tax dollars and a two-year escapade whose only intent was to paralyze President Trump’s administration. That’s the Mueller investigation, which in the end completely clears the president. Democrats want to drag it out two more years to win the White House. It will have the reverse effect. America is done and the shame, just like with the Kavanaugh hearings, lies squarely on rabid, partisan Democrats.

Finally over?

It is finally over — but not for the anti-Trump bashers. Trump 2020.

Please investigate

Now is time for the FBI and DOJ to investigate the so-called "evidence" surrounding the start of the Trump collusion investigation. Who is responsible for this fraud and the millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent?

Do they know?

Why is it that politicians always say "the American People want to know" or "this is for the American people?" They don't know what the American people want.

A big change

Women sports announcers are so classy and so much more knowledgeable than their male counter parts who scream throughout the game. Please America, grow up and get rid of all males sports and have nothing but women's sports and women announcers.

Tax thoughts

My wife and I eat lunch out most everyday, but we do not have to go to Gulfport. My belief is that those families with children using these sports complexes pay a fee. I had children that did not participate in sports and I had absolutely no tax dollars paying for their dance and music lessons.

Get to work

Now that the Muller witch hunt is over, wouldn’t it be great of the Congress would come together, with President Trump, and get to work. Immigration, infrastructure, jobs and many other needs, that they were elected to address, have been pushed aside because the Democrats don’t want him to succeed in anything.

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