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Sound Off for March 25,2019


The IRS is a broken, non-working system. If you filed your taxes this year and they reviewed your file, you cannot get a answer to anything. I tried to make a appointment and the number they gave me just kicks you offline. The website just gives you a generic answer saying your taxes are still under review. If you do get in touch with someone, they failed to tell me until the last time I called that every time you call it resets the time back 45 days longer before they even look at your returns.

Actual benefits?

It’s nice to hear all these reports about coastal development, but it is offset by the continuing crumbling infrastructure, poor education system, and continued “brain drain.” So what real value are residents seeing with the hundreds of million dollars of development doing to improve the coast? Residents are asked to support bond issues and taxes for schools and sports complexes. Maybe all the development is creating only low-paying or minimum-wage jobs.

What parish am I in?

Those new license plates make our tags look like Louisiana tags.

Education break

School supplies should be included in the tax-free holiday for teachers. They are the ones who purchase most of the supplies for their 20- to 30-plus students.

You’ll be missed

So sad about WROA radio recently changing its easy-listening format. It had a truly unique blend of nostalgia tunes that couldn’t be found anywhere else. The listening experience was one of a kind and will be missed.

Kind rider

We took our great grandchildren to the fairgrounds to see the riders and their horses, after watching some of the competition, as we walked back to our car, some of the riders were leaving the arena and one young lady from Texas took time out not only to talk with our 4-year-old but allowed her to pet her horse and pose for a photo. Thank you so much for making her day special!

Medical science?

Republican State Senator Angela Hill nailed it when she said in America we protect sea turtle eggs and other animals more than we protect humans in the womb. All honest physicians will tell you there is no medical reason for virtually any abortion, let alone late-term. That’s why the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade stretched to say the “health of the mother,” which covers everything down to the woman just saying she doesn’t want the fetus.


I'd like to add, you can't be anti-abortion and pro-death penalty. Read your cathecism.

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