Sound Off

Sound Off for March 24, 2019


What are the people of Biloxi/Gulfport thinking when they drive during dusk without headlights on? My wife and I counted 11 cars without headlights on within a four-mile stretch of Pass Road, and I’ve had two near-misses in the past week. This reckless behavior needs to be addressed. May I suggest at minimum $500 fine. I’d rather make an attempt to get them off the road than bury a loved one.

Enforce more

I sincerely hope our state legislators will amend the traffic laws to curtail the use of smartphones while driving. I cannot tell you how many people I've seen barely avoid a major accident. If you cannot put it down, let someone else drive.

Popular sport

We got it in Ocean Springs about pickleball. Great crowd since January at the inner harbor courts on Mondays and Wednesdays. While the weather is cooler, the courts are full with folks sitting and waiting to play. Wish the city had more public courts to accommodate the growing crowd. Thank you to Troy Ross for the courts.

No new tax

I, for one, do not want to pay an additional 3 percent tax on food and beverages in Gulfport restaurants! Therefore, I will definitely vote against the increase.

Too greedy?

Really, Gulfport wants more taxes, then our state leaders tell them to ask for more? To finance a bigger sports complex, really. Then they won’t fund our schools or teachers but want more for sports. WhGulfport should think twice or even three times before voting for them next time. Do you like your water bills after their negotiations?


Maybe Ward 7 should not have voted. The owner is not a relative, but close friends are the same down here. That is a red flag. Shooting range should not be allowed there, but on the industrial seaway, yes. We have minimum sound barriers requirements. Remember that.

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