Sound Off

Sound Off for March 23, 2019

Bad faith

I’m morally opposed to abortion except under certain circumstances. Even so, the bill signed by Phil Bryant sickens me. This is nothing more than a bad-faith attempt by Republicans to get Roe vs. Wade overturned because they can’t accept they lost that Supreme Court case and are hoping a renewed conservative bias will be enough to get their way rather than any actual legal argument.


Now we have some sourpuss complaining about their garbage being picked up. How loud would you moan and complain if they didn’t pick up your garbage? Maybe you can invent a stealth garbage truck?


More casinos, more casinos! More minimum-wage service jobs! More taxes from the people to support the casino! More wondering where all the casino tax revenue went!

Jackson case

Mississippi took a step back today. The judge threw out charges against a woman whose children died when she left them in a car unattended. I can understand her not being charged with negligent homicide, but not to be charged at all? Herein lies the problem with our justice system.

Not worth it

I’m hesitant to call the police because when I have called they came to my house and seemed to be investigating me the first few minutes — besides it was a noise complaint and now the neighbor knows it was me!

Youth vote

After working with teenagers in high school for 35 years, I thought I had seen just about everything. Now, there are presidential candidates supporting the idea of allowing 16-year-olds to vote in national elections. I can see it now. “Vote for me and I’ll get you a prom date!”

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