Sound Off

Sound Off for March 20, 2019

Try it out

Saw the “trash Mississippi” Sound Off responses to the initial “Brain Drain” article. I hope they read the article about millennials coming from other states, working hard and helping to rebuild a small town to make the whole community successful. Most visitors I talk to say the same thing, it is so much better than they expected it to be. How about a study of the people on the coast that came here from somewhere else and why?

First impressions

Millennials may be leaving the state in high numbers due to poor job opportunity, but from what I have seen of the young folks entering our human resources office seeking employment I say “good luck!” Coastal Mississippi has many hospitality jobs available, but you have to look and act the part. Good, friendly people skills are a must!


Recently at a beachfront casino in Biloxi, which allows dogs, it was disgusting to see a dog sitting on a counter top where humans eat in the restaurant. Should the health department check on such unsanitary happenings (as well as the kitchen)? And, while visiting another casino what do I see? A crowd of people watching a dog using its paws to hit buttons on a slot machine. (Was the dog over 21?) Another very unhealthy situation


Sports betting on cellphones will lead to more trouble for young people. When they are addicted to betting on their phones we had better make room in our jails for those that get in trouble and look for an easy quick way out.

Speak up

A young woman is shot in the head and no one wants to talk to the police. In fact, three get arrested for giving false or misleading information. This is the reality of neighborhoods all over the coast. And until the families and community leaders work to fix that, people will continue to not cooperate. The police can’t clean up the area without assistance. Shame on those who won’t help.

White vs. tan

I called David LaRosa’s office, asking why some 3-letter, 4-digit tags were white and some had the new coloration. The lady who answered said that some of the old tags had four digits, and all of the old tags were white. Mystery solved!

Changing streets

I live in a neighborhood that used to be safe in Jackson County by St. Andrews. I used to be able to walk my poodles without too much trouble. I had to worry about dogs on the loose, but now I have to worry about aggressive teens and their aggressive parents on the loose. My life has been threatened four times now by people that I do not even know, let alone the pit bulls running loose! Too many drugs, too many transients, and not enough police protection.

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