Sound Off

Sound Off for March 19, 2019

Birds are back

Hummingbirds are back. Saw two at my feeder on Sunday!

Time to act

Mississippi, it’s now time to do something in order to keep our millennials here! As we well know, they are all leaving because of horribly low wages. For those of you in Jackson that can change this and bring some high-tech jobs here, it is well past the time to do so! Mississippi has always had a horrible reputation and this must be changed. It is time this state finally moves forward and becomes a place big business want to come.

Why are they leaving?

As they’ve said in previous political campaigns, “It’s the money, stupid.” Once you take Ingalls, Stennis and the casinos out of the mix, unless you’re a banker or lawyer, you’re out of luck. When I retired from the Air Force, they told me not to expect to find any job that paid anything near what my salary had been. I wound up commuting daily to New Orleans for almost five years for a job with a decent wage.

It’s OK

My family has been here on Coast for over a 150 years. I personally like the Coast the way it is. There are plenty of entry-level jobs up, to jobs building a rocket engine to go to Mars or a Navy ship to protect our great country available. I hope we are never like the big cities.

Clarification needed

Gov. Bryant said, “that all of our citizens are free to peacefully live and work without fear of being punished for their sincerely held religious beliefs.” Does he mean all religions including those that do not profess or practice or just a limited number of religions?

An inspiration

God bless Imani Rogers and her family for being so gracious to donate her organs so other people will have a better life. During what is the worst thing that has happened to their family, they have shown true humanitarianism and love. Thank you so much for your help and guidance that will inspire others.

Wildlife hazard

Please stop releasing balloons into the air. I understand it is being done to honor the memory of a loved one. But when the air has gone out, they return to earth as a pollutant and a hazard to wildlife. How would your loved one feel if they knew the balloon you released actually killed a turtle, or a duck, or a porpoise, or some other unsuspecting creature?


All I could do was shake my head when the news reported yet another shooting in Gulfport. Chief Papania and his department surely have their hands full these days. Citizens better wake up and start talking to the police about what they know in order to get this crime under control.

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