Sound Off

Sound Off for March 17, 2019

Feeling ashamed

I am appalled that Gulfport is asking for a 2 percent tax increase, as just a few months ago they were against the Harrison County School District’s request for new schools that didn’t increase the taxes. The city leaders should be ashamed of themselves.

Fix the streets

Instead of 2 percent tax for a sportsplex, how about spend that money on infrastructure, like our roads and sidewalks? Also, officials need to fix the intersection of Landon Road and U.S. 49. Our streets our deplorable.

Active recreation

I am a member of Gulfport’s “forgotten group.” Gulfport needs to take lessons from Biloxi on how to provide and promote active recreation for the senior population.

Take a chance

There are still people who have useful skills who could be brought back up to speed fairly quickly with a little training, if employers would only hire them. If available jobs truly outnumber the unemployed by one million, then employers should be hiring all of the unemployed who desire jobs. It’s time for employers to minimize the hoops and red tape and get things done.

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