Sound Off

Sound Off for March 16, 2019

Shameful vote

It is sad to see Mississippi transition toward being a Democrat state. Roger Wicker's vote against the president foretells what happens next. His history and bipartisan index show him to be weak when challenged by Democrats. He is certainly no Trent Lott. As he was just sworn in, so we are saddled with him for six years. It will take a Tea Party to get him removed, as at least 12 Republicans are now drifting more to the left. Shameful.

Giant favor

Roger Wicker just did the state of Mississippi a giant favor. He finally showed us all that he is just another "establishment" man hiding behind an "R" badge. Too bad he had to stick a knife in America's back to do it. I'm betting he's decided not to run for re-election.

Thank you

Thank you Senator Wicker for standing up for your principles and the Constitution.

Political hack

Give Senator Wicker credit for voting against Trump and his "national emergency." He showed that he is at least capable of independent thought and is not an automatic vote for Trump's agenda regardless of the issue or consequences.

Money issue

Education is a big industry with a lot of money flowing through it. Wherever there’s money, especially a lot of it, there’s corruption.

Good work

Excellent article on Thursday's front page regarding public records, transparency, and unnecessary litigation at taxpayers' expense. If you missed it, go read it now.

Background checks

People should be required to go through background checks before being allowed to use social media.

Learning situation

I wonder if the city leaders have learned anything from the Courthouse Road debacle. Low bid and out of town contractors aren’t the way to go. Take one look at the mess in Biloxi and be thankful that Gulfport’s leaders were only able to screw up one road.

The possibilities

I was riding down Cowan Road yesterday. Got to thinking, it is very possible to build a good, smooth road. Too bad they didn’t get the Courthouse Road contract.

Advertising issue

Maloney the lawyer didn’t personally return my call. Matter of fact, no one returned my call. Can I take them to court for that?

Stop the ads

Is anyone as sick of Morris Bart as we are at my house? If I had an accident he would be the last person I would call. I guess we could watch a different channel so we don't have watch his ads time and time again.

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