Sound Off

Sound Off for March 15, 2019

Sunny days

It is the “secret Coast” because it is hidden in the fog. I want a sunny Gulf Coast.

Annoying noise

What is up with people blowing their car horns here in Biloxi for no apparent reason? You can be walking along U.S. 90, or sitting on a bench relaxing, and someone feels the need to blow the horn.

Dark ages

This is truly the dark ages for car design. Almost all new cars/suvs have the same bland design.

Bad idea

The latest version of our license plate is awful. The muddy looking smears on each side and the state seal that is not centered was a terrible idea.

More stores

Gulfport doesn't need another sportsplex. We need more department stores where we don't have to travel to find good clothing.

Forgotten group

So, Gulfport wants a tax increase on food in order to build more ball fields? What the city really needs is a multipurpose, indoor facility that could accommodate pickle ball, a small weight room, walking track and pool. Some people say the proposed fields are for the youth. Well and good, but what about us adults, especially senior citizens? In Gulfport, we’re the forgotten group.

Harsh punishment

These celebrities in the college scandal should be treated as harshly as Roseanne. They should be shunned by Hollywood and advertisers. I predict some of them will be praised for cooperating with authorities.

Liveable wage

No, it's not all about the money. It's about making a liveable wage. I'm sure that anyone getting out of college with a student loan, or other expenses, is not going to be looking for a teaching job at a private school, making less money and no retirement pension. More than likely, they will teach at a public school first, to get a better wage and a lifetime pension when they retire. Then, after retirement, they are able to afford to work for a lower wages at a private school.