Sound Off

Sound Off for March 14, 2019

Have patience

It’s a natural reaction to blame the current administration for the state of Biloxi’s streets. But, let’s be fair. The city’s streets didn’t just deteriorate in the last three or four years. It seems obvious that the city’s infrastructure issues were long neglected in favor of baseball parks and other sports complexes. In a couple years, the street rebuilding in Biloxi will be completed. Have a little patience. And, when you get frustrated, take solace in the fact that you don’t live in Jackson.

Lucky stars

This is reply to “not impressed.” Count your lucky stars ... U.S. 90 between Gulfport and Ocean Springs is a goat trail complete with speed bumps and craters. The road is in shambles. Don’t drive your visitors on it.

The bill?

Have no idea if a new slogan will make any difference in Coast tourism. As a consumer, it's all about cost and experience. I find it curious that money was paid to a New Orleans firm to create a new brand. And how much was paid to organize five words?


Are donations to colleges a bribe? Is this why “any” college is so expensive?

How can it be?

Some of the Hollywood crowd showed up in the college cheating scandal. How can that be? They are actors and actresses who never do anything wrong.

Not about money

I read that teachers’ pay has been cut the most in Mississippi and that is why Mississippi is at the bottom of everything. Would more money make you teach better? My children have always gone to private Catholic school. The teachers make less than public school. There is less money for everything. But our children excel above national averages. It’s not about the money.

Piling on?

I know he may be a bum but the piling onto Paul Manafort's sentence seems a bit much. Just plain sour grapes for the Democrats who just cannot get past the results of the 2016 presidential election. More "selective indignation." Especially in light of Hillary Clinton getting off without a hand slap for her criminal handling of classified information. Voters will remember this in 2020.

Solvable problems

I gave up on all the doom, gloom and hate of network media news one year ago. All I do now is read the news wires to get what actually did and did not happen without all the opinion and spin. Today I feel I have been cured of a terrible disease of media political parasites eating away at my brain, and the world looks better. Problems seem solvable.

The facts

Rural hospitals haven’t got the population base to support themselves. That’s all there is to it.

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