Sound Off

Sound Off for March 13, 2019

Next step

So we promote tourism on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This is awesome. Bring in more and more people. With these people come more and more cars. But guess what, we still have the same old crappy roads. What has this Coast got against good roads or building more roads? Look at Biloxi and what a mess their roads are in and have been for 3 or 4 years with no end in sight. Build it and they will come ... but do nothing with the roads and at least half of them won’t come back.

Bumpy ride

Infrastructure is needed on Gulf Coast roads. I went to the store yesterday and I know I hit a 7 on the Richter Scale.

New look

Can one of my fellow Sound Offers explain to me why some of the new license plates have a yellow tint and some are plain white?

Not adding up

Let me get this straight, county supervisors might get a $10,000 annual raise and chancery clerks might get a $9,000 raise and yet the people that educate them, our teachers, might get a $1,000 raise ... am I missing something?


The county officials should get the same raise as the teachers, but if teachers don’t get one then ditto for the county officials. Who’s more important, a tax collector or your child’s surrogate parent?

Long effects

It’s good to see the Sun Herald article about good fishing this year, they tell about the lakes and rivers but failed to mention anything about saltwater fishing which has probably suffered tremendously from BP’s dispersants. We still don’t know how many years it will take to overcome that.

Comics divided

I love to read the Sunday comics section to have a few laughs and escape reality. That is why I was appalled that the Funky Winkerbean comic chose to address one political view point. The safety of my grand children in school will not be solved with only focusing on guns.

Move it

It’s a beautiful statue, but it has no business being where it is any longer. We surely have evolved enough to realize this. Move the statue to Beauvoir where it belongs. That’s where Confederate history is shown to all who voluntarily go to see it.

Not just the South

Growing up in the Midwest, our history classes dealt with the Civil War very objectively. We learned the attitudes and reasoning of both sides — the The South wanted its independence much like the revolutionary people 75 years earlier. The statue at Ole miss depicts to me the desire to do what the soldier thought was the right thing. It is flat wrong to judge people from a time 160 years ago by today’s standards.

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