Sound Off

Sound Off for March 19, 2019

By the numbers

If you do the numbers, Mississippi had twice the number of rural hospitals per rural population as Alabama. That probably had a lot to do with a few of them failing. As far as expanded Medicaid saving them, that is a bogus left-wing dream. The lower hospital compensation for Medicaid patients would ensure hospitals with a high percentage of Medicaid patients going broke.


Front page blasting of Mississippi coal plants polluting is an absolute joke. The Environmental Integrity Project is nonprofit for a reason. They are biased and part of the Green New Deal movement. The report has the integrity of a comic strip.

Long effects

Mississippi will suffer again with cancer and giant disposal problems because of coal’s greed and avarice.

Power to clean

I would like to know if Jackson County has the authority to have property owners clean up around their properties. The old St. Martin area needs vacant lots cleaned up. Otherwise, no one will ever build there.

Tomato tomato

Rural Democrats become Republicans. Is that a wolf in sheep’s clothing or a sheep in wolf’s clothing?

Fair pay

I agree that it’s a shame the supervisors got a raise so easily and teachers did not. Maybe if the teachers could vote among themselves and give each other raises?

Not quite smooth

Mayor Hewes is so proud of Courthouse Road, but for me it’s like a ride on a mechanical bull, up and down, all around, but on Courthouse Road you can also dodge the sunken manhole covers. Speaking of manhole covers, take a ride down Pass Road where you have to weave like it’s an obstacle course. Some of those manhole covers are 3 inches below the pavement.

Left wondering

This week, Kelly Catlin, an Olympic cyclist, died of an apparent suicide at 23. In 2016, she helped the women’s team win the silver medal and she was currently pursuing a graduate degree in computational mathematics at Stanford University. I know there aren’t simple or easy answers, if any. Nevertheless, I ask you to contemplate the question why. At 23, why does this young lady think suicide is preferable to life? Why does she think 23 is enough life to live?

Not impressed

I have out-of-state family coming to visit soon. I used to be proud to drive them along Highway 90 through Long Beach and Pass Christian but now is such an embarrassment. Repaving job half done, sand and asphalt bits in the median, no landscaping to speak of.

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