Sound Off

Sound Off for March 10, 2019

Fiber optics

What is up with all of the fiber optic cable being put down right now and what is it going to be used for?

Turn it down

Can someone please explain to me why local gyms play techno music at such excessive levels when 90 percent of the people working out are listening to their own music.

Vote for party

I read that Mitch McConnell is angry at moderate Republicans for "breaking ranks" and voting with Democrats. According to Mitch McConnell, their job is to vote with the party and ignore their constituents. Sound familiar?

Lacking focus

The Democratic "Party of solutions" has become the party of endless, unfocused investigations in search of a crime.

Different ideas

There has been no expansion of Medicaid so it should not be a surprise that poor rural hospitals are in trouble.

Out of touch

Don’t think the Democrats are out of touch? Presidential candidate Gov. Jay Inslee has declared that his biggest concern is global warming. Look at any poll. It is not the biggest concern of the American people.