Sound Off

Sound Off for March 9, 2019

Thanks much

Thank you to the young, Air Force lady from New Jersey for paying for our lunch Thursday at Cracker Barrel in Gulfport. We will certainly pay it forward.

Why advertise?

Attorneys are competing for business just like everyone else. They aren’t all crooked, and the "good" ones have to advertise just like everyone else. You’ll be glad they are there if you get crunched and pile up medical bills.

Safety issue

These rear view cameras are nice to see what you are backing into. Problem is, you are watching the camera and not looking to see what is coming from either direction while you are backing out. I know I have had to hit the breaks a few times as someone backed out without looking to the sides.

Teach history

For “Move it.” Explain to me how a statue honoring war dead is exposing students to racism and bigotry. Seems to me the way to overcome the ugly feelings is to teach history to the children, not try to change it. To forget history is dooming you to repeat it.

Let’s wager

As I understand it, moving the statue at Ole Miss will eliminate exposure to hatred and bigotry. That's what the Sound Off writer said. If the casinos would cover the bet, I would wager that with or without statues, hatred and bigotry will continue to exist. It is a human condition, not just in Mississippi, but worldwide. Any takers?

Learn history

That statue is granite. It has no hatred or knows no bigotry. Today’s students had better learn history before destroying the reminders of our past.

Not unified

It has become increasingly obvious that the Trump administration will be a colossal failure and our country will be left in a gravely weakened and divided nation when he leaves office. He has done nothing to bring us together.

Media issues

Think the media is objective and doesn’t twist things to push its own agenda? Anyone remember Katrina? Anyone ever ask anyone north of the Coast what they remember in the news? All they’ll remember is it hit New Orleans ... they’ll probably even be surprised to hear it struck Mississippi at all.

Traffic gridlock

To the writer of “Quick Ride,” you were on Porter? Well, I was on Main and np traffic moved from east to west. None. My daughter said it took her 20 minutes to get from Water Street to the Biloxi Bay bridge as she tried going home via the bridge. So I’m real happy you got home in 20 minutes but those of us on the east side of the parade were in a gridlock.

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