Sound Off

Sound Off for March 8, 2019

Stop the ads

I agree with the Sound Off about all the ads for “ambulance chasers.” I have several friends who are attorneys and they don’t advertise at all. The only reason I can think of is that they don’t need to.

No privacy

In Jackson County when I vote, I have no privacy. The machines are so close together I can see who people are voting for three machines down. I brought this up to the monitors in the primaries but when the election came around there was no change.

Circus atmosphere

The country is deep debt and thousands come across our southern border but the Democrats in the House focus on more ways to investigate President Trump. It is obvious the Mueller investigation will not reveal anything worthy of impeachment. And the circus will continue until 2020, when Trump is re-elected.

Quick ride

To the writer of the “Plan Needed” Sound Off published Thursday: If it took you an hour and a half to get home after the parade you either live in New Orleans or you don’t know your way around Biloxi. I left my location near Porter Avenue right after the parade ended. Drove east on Howard to about two blocks west of Caillavet where I turned north toward Division Street and Interstate 110. Got on the 1-110 and was home in St. Martin in less than 20 minutes.

Drifting nation

We live in a country today that has gone completely astray. It is time for everyone to take a deep breath just get over it.

No doubt

It has taken the mainstream news six months to finally tell us the truth about the crisis at the border. Trump and others have been blasted. Now the numbers are out and the crisis cannot be denied

Move it

Quit living in the past, move that statue. The students come first and they shouldn’t have to be exposed to hatred and bigotry.

Wrong party

Think you got your parties mixed up. It is the GOP that will stick with whatever Trump does no matter what.

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